Tile | Grout | Stone Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Concrete CleaningWe have over 30 years experience in bringing back the luster in dirty and dingy tiles and grout. We employ the most powerful truck-mounted machines along with our proven hard surface cleaning system and we guaranty you will be amazed by the how clean, shiny and restored your tile will look. Call us today and let a Magic Fresh Carpets technician restore the luster in your tiled surfaces.

Natural Stone Care and Pressure Washing

Over time, natural stone and other hard floors accumulate dirt making the surface dull. At Magic Fresh Carpets, we have a tested and proven system that restores the new look of your natural stone and concrete surfaces bringing them back to life.

Our natural stone cleaning specialists and pressure washing technicians are happy to come in today to evaluate your indoor and outdoor stone cleaning and pressure washing needs free of charge. So call us now or go online to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation.